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About Sunset Fire Designs

Diana's photo

You made it to my brag page! My name is Diana and I've lived in Seattle (almost) all my life. Mountains, forest, water and cool weather feels fresh, healthy and cleansing... culture and diversity is my passion... so the Pacific Northwest is embedded deep into my heart and soul. I've tried living elsewhere but always return to my land of seagulls.

I've worked in the tech industry for two decades in various programmer capacities, and art and writing has been my hobby ever since I could hold a crayon. After a series of layoffs and outsourcing, I decided to reinvent myself! So I went back to college to learn web design and graphics - a perfect career fit, the blissful bonding of art and technology.

Why choose me?

The length of my career has taken me on a journey starting long ago as a college student assisting programmers in the IT department of a life insurance company, and over the years advanced all the way to a senior level Programmer in the aerospace industry, and then onward to Project Manager, and finally to Marketing Director. So not only am I technically adept but I thoroughly understand the importance of computer security, I manage projects efficiently, and I know the ins-and-outs of designing impactful marketing material. I'll research your competition to make sure I create a design that stands out from the rest; visually pleasing with content that is organized and informative, unique and modern yet won't go out of style like the latest trends.

Why do I only service small business and individuals?

Small businesses are like family. They employ members of the community, which improves the community and strengthens its culture. An average of two-thirds of every dollar spent at small businesses stays within the community. Their business is an extension of who they are, and the strength of our economy relies on them. I appreciate their hard work and understand the struggles of independently owned mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, retailers, etc., who are trying to compete against malls, big brands and online retailers. They’re trying to catch a break… just like myself, so when I help you… it also helps me. I’m glad my journey led me here, it’s where I’m meant to be.

Why am I affordable?

You're probably wondering how I can be so affordable with such an impressive work history. Guffaw. Well, for one thing I'm a freelancer so I have ZERO overhead costs that big companies incur and pass onto you for leasing office space and staffing a team of graphic designers and web developers. I have two decades of tech experience, so I code websites at lightning speed and have an ocean of design ideas swirling around inside my head to tap into at any given moment.

I find ways to save money, for example, I have access to hundreds of FREE images from the same resources used by Adobe, Google, Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint and other popular companies. I always try to find free resources first to avoid adding needless expenses to the bottom line. I work with YOUR budget.

Now that you know about me, I look forward to learning about you and your special project!


“I had a boring website made from a template and it didn't look professional. Diana designed a new website that looks awesome and she reorganized and rewrote the content so it flows much better I’m impressed with her knowledge of web development and search engine optimization. Her art background is reflected in her web designs. She also took care of getting my website hosted.” — Owner, Blue Ridge Adult Family Home
“Diana is an excellent team player and great web developer. She is highly motivated and solutions focused. Her work is professional and I highly recommend her... especially those seeking work with HTML5 and CSS3 coding." — Doug Anderson
““Diana is conscientious and creative in developing websites using HTML5/CSS3. Her portfolio highlights both her technical and artistic talents. Diana is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team.” — Brian Bansenauer
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