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Greeting Cards & Holiday Cards

Greeting card painting with the caption, 'Thinking of You'. Greeting card painting of a sad flower holding an umbrella that says 'Cheer Up'. Greeting card painting of a bird inside an open mailbox. Caption says, 'Miss You. It would be tweet to hear from you'. Greeting card painting of a flower bouquet. Caption says,'You Are Invited'. Holiday card painting of a lit candle with mistletoe. Caption says, 'Happy Holidays'. Holiday card painting of an angel flying in the sky blowing a trumpet. Caption says, 'Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy! Luke 2:10-11. Merry Christmas'. Holiday card painting of a snow scene with a house decorated with Christmas lights. The caption says, 'From Our Home to Yours'. Holiday card of a snowman, tall candy canes and Christmas balls. Caption says, 'Merry Christmas'. Painting of Santa Clause who just came down the chimney. Caption says, 'Ho Ho Ho'. Painting of three pumpkins, corn on the cob and Autumn leaves. Caption says, 'Happy Thanksgiving'. Painting of Valentines Day card with a little girl wearing a ballet outfit and sitting inside a heart with her teddy bear and rag doll.
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