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Photo Alterations & Touch-ups

'Before' photo of man wearing a red business jack, and 'After' photo of the same man but his jacket has been changed to dark blue. 'Before' photo of girl wearing sundress and sun hat with an arm tattoo, and 'After' photo of the same girl without arm tattoo. 'Before' photo of old woman with a lot wrinkles, and 'After' photo of the same woman with less wrinkles. 'Before' photo of a stack of Zen rocks with a brown background, and 'After' photo of the same Zen rocks with an ocean background. Also a 'Before' painting of two seagulls standing on a cliff with an ocean background, and 'After' image of the same painting with just the two seagulls and no background. 'Before' photo of an apple tree transformed to an 'After' image of just a leafy branch of apples for a magazine ad that says, 'Fresh From the Vine'. 'Before' photo of the Seahawks Stadium with a day effect. 'After' photo is altered with an evening effect. 'Before' image of a blank gold medal icon. 'After' image is the same gold medal except it says 'Strong Capital Stack Guaranteed' with an image of a stack of gold coins, and another gold medal the says 'Job Creation Guaranteed' with gold icons of a group of people. 'Before' photo of a drab bedroom with wrinkled bedspread and worn out pillow. 'After' photo is altered to include a smooth bedspread, nice pillows, a throw blanket and a flower vase in the window. Two young men sitting at an outdoor table drinking coffee. The photo has a reddish hue. 'After' photo color is corrected to change the reddish hue to a more natural hue. 'Before' photo is a wooden yard sign in the shape of a shield that says 'Adult Family Home' with a carving of mountains and water. 'After' photo is a logo made to look like the carving on the wood sign.
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