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Marketing Material Portfolio

(sample projects)

Business cards, brochures, flyers, banners (all sizes), printed table cloths, etc.

Photo of conference display with banners, and matching brochures, business card, flyers, conference table cloth with company logo

Standard and tri-fold brochures

Photo of tri-fold brochure with a young Chinese woman wearing a red kimono holding a passport. The brochure says, 'Better Investments, Better Lives'

Magazine & Newspaper ads

Photo of a 'Fresh From The Vine' magazine ad with apples on a vine

Custom logos

Logos for Daniel Insource, Ariana La Seva author, Atlantic Coast Regional Center, Mindful Money Management, Three Sixty Cleaning, Audeca Filmworks and Sunset Fire Designs

Custom letterhead and invoices to match your business cards and website.

Photo of 'Three Sixty CLeaning' company letterhead and invoice that match the business card and website.

Make a great first impression!

Marketing material will always have a place in business because a potential client will inevitably ask for examples of what you do and being able to give them something tangible that they can hold in their hands will have a stronger effect than seeing it on a computer screen.

Marketing material reveals a lot about a company and its brand – a first glimpse into your business, such as its vision and culture. I create high-quality marketing material that reflect the same quality of your business, with dynamic graphics designed to make your brand image pop, and well-written content to get your message across.

Can you guess what the most overlooked, most powerful and most cost-effective marketing tool is? Believe it or not, it's still the business card!

QR Codes for Marketing

A QR (Quick Response) Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode that is readable by smartphones. It holds the URL to your website, event, or any online URL, and can be printed on your marketing materials. Anyone can scan a QR Code by simply downloading a QR Code reader app to their phone for free, and then scanning the QR code with their phone camera. A browser on their phone will open and immediately hyperlink to your website, event, or any other online URL, such as a link to a product item! QR Codes are gaining popularity and many people already have the QR Code app downloaded to their phones.

Small QR Codes - one is black-and-white and one is black, purple and pink.

There are a number of practical ways QR codes can be used for marketing and promotions. The color of the QR Code can be changed to match your brand, and they can be printed on just about any type of material, including:

  • Conference/event displays
  • Business cards
  • Magazine & newspaper ads
  • Brochures, flyers, posters
  • Postcards and mailers
  • T-shirts, coffee mugs, totes, hats

How to scan a QR code:

Photo of cell phone scanning a QR Code

Scan QR Code

Download and open any free QR Code Scanner app to your phone. Point your phone at a QR code to scan

Photo of cell decoding the QR Code.

Decode QR Code

The QR Code is decoded and translated into the online URL

Photo of cell displaying site to buy The Backseat Shrink book.

View Website

A browser is opened to display the URL of your website, event, product, etc.

Promotional videos are hot!

Promotional videos are an effective way to rapidly grow your client base. People are craving information and they want it fast. Rather than spending 20 minutes reading text, they prefer spending a few minutes watching a video with sound and images that evoke emotions — a powerful tool that will make people remember you. According to HubSpot, including video on your website can influence buying behavior and convert visitors into buyers by 80%.

Placing your video on Vimeo or YouTube reaches millions of people within a short time. In this age of viral videos, your video can gain millions of views within days. 92% of consumers share videos with others.

Search engines love videos! Videos are given much higher priority over photos, text and audio, so adding videos to your website will help it rank higher. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you put your video on YouTube as well as your website, your chances of appearing in a search is greatly increased. What's more, if you promote your video via social media, your chances of getting found skyrockets!

Sample promotional videos by Sunset Fire Designs:

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